How Natural Gas is used for vehicles

admin 2015-01-07 11:27
How is Natural Gas used for powering vehicles?
This is accomplished by the following steps.
1.Natural gas is compressed and enters the vehicle through the natural gas dispenser or fill post.
2.It flows into high-pressure cylinders that are located on the vehicle.
3.When the driver steps on the accelerator, the natural gas leaves the on-board storage cylinder, passes through the high-pressure fuel line and enters the engine compartment.
4.Gas then enters the regulator, which reduces pressure from up to 3,600 psi to approximately atmospheric pressure.
5.The natural gas solenoid valve allows natural gas to pass from the regulator into the gas mixer or fuel injectors.
6.Natural gas mixed with air flows down through the carburetor or fuel injection system and enters the engine's combustion chambers.

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