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Complete Mobile fuelling Station

International standard,horizontal,balanced-opposited,world-class lubrication system(Viking,CPI),top-class packing and seal parts(Hoerbiger),orderly pipeline layout,easy maintenance,energy saving,simple connection,cost-effective,movable on truck etc.
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Integrated Fast CNG Refuelling Station
Integrated Fast CNG Refuelling Station is medium and small size CNG filling station,where there is no main gas pipe line.It is convenient and movable and integrated in one container installed on a mobile basement.It usually includes gas compressor,gas storage,gas dispenser and related accessories.

 Main Configuration and Technical Parameters:  

With four wheels(two lines)

Container 20" 
With ventilation fan
With space heater
With lighting
With unload/load tools
Gas dispenser
Two lines two hoses
Mass flow E+H or Micro Motion
Gas storage
Material steel
Working pressure 25Mpa
Capacity 3000L
With sequence control panel
With blowdown valve
Storage will be In or on the top of container
Gas Compressor  D-5.94/(30-200)-250
Inlet gas pressure range 30-200bar
Outlet gas pressure range 250bar
Compression stage 2 stages
Electric power 75kW with frequency control
Cooling type air cooling
EX control cabinet
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