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Carbon Dioxide Compressor

1.High Pressure CO2 Compressor 2.Reciprocating compressors for CO2. 3.Reliable operation. 4.Food grade applications 5.Low maintenance 6.long lifetime
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We manufacture reciprocating CO2 high pressure compressors.All pressure and flows are available. 
Microcomputer control system to automatically control the start & stop the machine and adjust the air capacity.  
Complete protection function with fault alarm and indication;Efficient filtering and separating system;
Large oil after-cooler ensures the machine in optimum operation temperature when the ambient temperature is high (46°C).Efficient air-cooled enclosed motor;Specially designed sound isolation hood keeps the machine in super low noise.
1.High Pressure CO2 Compressor 
2.Reciprocating compressors for CO2. 
3.Reliable operation. 
4.Food grade applications
5.Low maintenance
6.Long lifetime

Main Technical Parameters:
no. type

inlet pressure


outlet pressure


discharge capacity


motor power


dimension (mm)




1 D-18/0.1-30 0.1 30 1070 200 3800×3300×1600 10500
2 D-16/0.2-13 0.2 13 1038 160 3800×3300×1600 9500
3 D-35/0.4-8 0.4 80 2200 315 4600×3300×1600 14000
4 D-15/1-25 0.3 3 400 37 2700×1300×1900 3200
5 D-5.5/2-250 0.3 3.5 750 75 2400×1400×2200 3500
6 D-32/40 atm. 40 1920 355 4800x3200x1800 1800
7 D-10/32-50 32 50 19800 280 4500x3300x1800 16000
8 D-3.23/30-35 30 35 6000 55 3150x1250x2360 4300
The above values are only for reference.Please contact us for the more details.

The CO2 Compressors are too numerous to enumerate.

If you have any specific requirements for a CO2 Compressor, please feel free to contact   us with your query. 
We also supply other series CO2 Compressor ,for filling,for refine,for seperate ,etc. ,many types of them. 
1.The compressor can enter into container, we adopt simple and rain-proof package.
2.If the compressor can not enter into container, the goods will be transported by train or other way, we adopt wooden or iron plate package.
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