Endesa will serve and refuel natural gas truck fleet

admin 2015-11-20 16:50

  Endesa has signed an agreement with the French transport company CityLogistics to supply natural gas and biomethane for the company’s entire fleet of vehicles in the city of Lyon. The agreement, which lasts for eight years, consists of supplying CNG compressor based fuel gas to the growing fleet of vehicles that CityLogistics has in the French city.

  As part of the agreement, Endesa will also finance, construct and manage energy services for a new natural gas refueling station for vehicles in Lyon. This facility will go into service at the end of November.

  This project is part of the new energy trading business development plan and value-added services that Endesa will implement in the coming years in France.

  Endesa, which is part of the Enel group, began selling gas in Europe in 2000, and currently has a strong presence in France, where it provides energy solutions to professionals and large customers, with a long term implementation strategy. From its offices in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Montpellier, projects are developed to supply natural gas to the industrial, agricultural, distribution and service sectors throughout the territory.

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