Clean Energy Fuels has opened several public LNG Fuel Lanes

admin 2015-02-06 16:08
  UPS is planning to have over 900 LNG fueled trucks on the roads by the end of 2014.UPS has 16,000 tractor trucks in its fleet and will be buying more LNG vehicles next year. 60 of the new for 2014 large trucks will be placed in service in the Houston, Texas area alone where UPS is building its own private LNG fuel station center despite the availability of retail LNG capability. They state they need their own LNG fueling capacity to avoid the lines at a retail fuel center. UPS states the NGVs (natural gas vehicles) are no longer in the testing phase for them, they are vehicles they depend on.In other cities such as Amarillo, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma they are using public fuel centers.
  Clean Energy Fuels has opened several public LNG Fuel Lanes along I-10 and claims that as of June 2014 LNG fueled trucks can use the route from Los Angeles, California to Houston, Texas by refueling exclusively at Clean Energy Fuels public facilities.
  In the spring of 2014 Shell and Travel Centers of America opened the first of a planned network of U.S. truck stop LNG stations in Ontario, California.Per the alternative fuel fueling center tracking site there are 10 LNG capable public CNG fuel stations in the greater Los Angeles area, making it the single most penetrated metro market.
  As of August 2014, Blu LNG has at least 18 operational LNG capable fuel centers across 8 states.
  Clean Energy maintains a list of their existing and planned LNG fuel station centers.As of July 2014 they had 30 operational public LNG facilities.
  As of December 2014 LNG fuel and NGV's have not been taken to very quickly within Europe and it is questionable whether LNG will ever become the fuel of choice among fleet operators.

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