LNG Solution

The main work of LNG filling station is the process of increasing the pressure of the liquid within low temperature tank through the potential of low-temperature pump, transferring through the low temperature pipeline to LNG filling machine, and filling to LNG fuel vehicle after quantitative measurement.
LNG filling station is divided into fixed and movable type:
Fixed type LNG filling station is to install LNG cryogenic storage tank, LNG pump skid, filling machine, station control part respectively on the LNG filling station, and all the parts are connected by pipeline or electrical, and equipped with independent alarm and safety relief system. Equipment covers a large area, needs long approval formalities, long construction cycle but mature. It’s usually used as the official station. Mobile LNG filling station is to integrate LNG cryogenic storage tank, LNG pump skid, filling machine in a skid, and arrange the control room (station control part), instrument air compressor instrument and staff management in another skid. Between two skid bodies, they are connected with the pipeline and electrical line. Equipment covers an area of small, without special need on location. The installation is simple, short construction period, not very mature. In the skid, it equips with built-in safety relief and leakage alarm device, and it can realize all the functions of fixed type LNG filling station, so it’s used usually as a temporary or semi-permanent stations.
Function introduction:
Truck: Use the pump skid to deliver LNG in tank car unloading to the storage tank; unloading mode can be divided into self pressurized unloading and pump truck
Temperature control: part of LNG liquid storage tank by a LNG pump skid gasifier gasification heating back into the tank, adjust the tank temperature to reach the setting value
Voltage: LNG tank by pump skid gasifier gasification after re-injected into the storage tank, adjust the tank pressure to reach the set value
Filling: through the pump skid, LNG dispenser will fill the LNG into automobile cylinder after measurement; implement the use of LNG fuel.

            Normal LNG filling station main technical parameters:
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